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The soccer world cup 2006 in germany has the motto “ A time to make friends”. 12 german cities expect more than three millions visitors to watch 64 matches between the world’s best soccer teams.
The opening match of the soccer world cup 2006 is in the world cup stadium Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It takes place on June 9 th 2006 6.00 p.m. european time.
Munich is host of six world cup matches, four first round matches, one in round of sixteen and one semi final.

Another bavarian town is Nuremberg with its renovated Frankenstadium as a host. Five soccer matches take place there.

Stuttgart’s Gottfried-Daimler-Stadium is another world cup stadium in southern Germany. Six matches including a 3 rd place match can be watched there.

Leipzig is known for famous german artists as Johann Sebastian Bach or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. As a host for the soccer world cup 2006 the Zentralstadium shows five matches.

Cologne with it’s world famous Dome in the middle of germany is also host of five world cup matches in 2006.

In Kaiserslautern the Fritz-Walter-Soccer-Stadium was renovated and enlarged especially for the soccer world cup 2006. Five matches can be watched there.

Hanover is a well-known fair location. Most famous is the CeBIT, the world’s leading event for information technology. During the soccer world cup five matches take place in the world cup stadium Hanover.

Hamburgs harbour is one of the most important world wide. The northern city is host of five soccer matches in the world cup stadium Hamburg, including a quarter final match.

Gelsenkirchen has one of Germany’s most famous and best soccer teams: Schalke 04. The former ArenaAufSchalke stadium, now completely renewed is now called Veltins-Arena. Five soccer world cup matches are shown there, beneath them a quarter final match. More informations

In Frankfurt Germany’ s stock exchange is located. Many important banks and insurance companies have their seats in Frankfurt. Especially for the world cup an new soccer stadium was built in which five world cup matches can be watched.See details on Frankfurt world cup stadium.

Dortmund in middle of Germany has one of Germany’s biggest stadiums: the Westfalenstadium, which was renovated for the world cup. Six matches including the exciting Semi final will be happening there.

Germany’s capital, Berlin is host of the most important match: the final of the soccer world cup 2006 in Germany.





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