The world cup stadium in Cologne, Germany

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The stadium Cologne is one of the soccer world cup stadiums 2006

In 1923 the first stadium in Cologne was built. With its three running tracks it was the biggest in Europe. Many sport events for the masses took place there in the early twenties. In 1967 a new stadium was planned for the soccer world cup in Germany 1974. But Cologne could not become a host for the world cup. The stadium was built nevertheless and was finished in 1975 called the Müngersdorfer Stadion. Then it was the only completely roofed stadium in Germany with modern acustic equipment.
With regard to the soccer world cup 2006 in Germany another renovation was planned and realized from 2001 to 2004. It is now an architectonic masterpiece, which was awarded the bronze medal in a competition of the worlds best sport arenas. The IOC therefor judged 93 stadiums from 25 countries.

World cup stadium Cologne
Aachener Straße
50933 Cologne
Telefon: 02 21/4 98 36
Fax: 02 21/4 98 38 99

Being part of the hosts of the soccer world cup 2006 five matches will take place in the stadium. Tickets are available only in the following five periods:

  1. 1.February 2005 to 31.March 2005
  2. 2.May 2005 to 15.November 2005
  3. 1.December 2005 to 15.January 2006
  4. 1.February 2006 to 15.April 2006
  5. 1.May 2006 to 9.July 2006

Tickets orders possible by post at following adress:
2006 FIFAWord Cup ™ Ticketing Center
60583 Frankfurt am Main
Or per email via www

Match schedule world cup stadium Cologne

11.June 2006
Match group D
17.June 2006
Match group E
20.June 2006

Match group B

23.June 2006
Match group G
26.June 2006
Round of sixteen

Ticket pricelist

Group Matches
Round of sixteen
Cathegorie 1
100 €
120 €
Cathegorie 2
60 €
75 €
Cathegorie 3
45 €
Cathegorie 4
35 €
45 €

Cologne with its world famous dome, also for every soccer fan a sight worth visiting, is looking forward to the world cup in Germany 2006 and invites many soccer fans to its wonderful world cup stadium Cologne.

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