The world cup stadium in Frankfurt, Germany

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The Waldstadion Frankfurt is one of the soccer world cup stadiums 2006

The world cup stadium Frankfurt was built in the twenties and had seen many spectacular events.
Famous is the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Karl Mildenberger in 1966. Muhammad Ali won the word championship in the 12 th round.
During the soccer world cup 1974 several important matches took place in the Waldstadion Frankfurt. Famous until today is the Semi-final between Poland and Germany, the teams had to play on a soccer field like a little like – it rained cats and dogs. Although these bad conditions it was an exciting match and the German soccer team came to the Final.
In 2002 a complete new building of the Frankfurt world cup stadium began with costs of 126 mio Euros.The sensation of the new stadium is a spectacular closable roof, like a big cabriolet. So never again a rain match as in 1974 must be played.The new stadium has 48,000 seats and is ready for the soccer world cup matches.

Frankfurter Waldstadion
Mörfelder Landstrasse 3
6260528 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49/69/678040

For each of the five world cup matches in Waldstadion Frankfurt about 38,000 tickets will be available.
A reservation of tickets is possible in one of five periods:

  1. 1.February 2005 to 31.March 2005
  2. 1.December 2005 to 15.January 2006
  3. 1.February 2006 to 15.April 2006
  4. 1.May 2006 to 9.July 2006

Ticket reservation is possible at www or by post at following address:
2006 FIFAWord Cup ™Ticketing Center
60583 Frankfurt am Main

Match schedule world cup stadium Frankfurt

10.June 2006

Match group B

13.June 2006
Match group G
17.June 2006

Match group D

21.June 2006
Match group C
01.July 2006
Quarter final

Ticket pricelist

Group matches
Quarter final
Cathegorie 1
100 €
180 €
Cathegorie 2
60 €
110 €
Cathegorie 3
45 €
85 €
Cathegorie 4
35 €
55 €


There will be five interesting matches between some of the best soccer teams of the world in the world cup stadium Frankfurt.

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