The world cup stadium in Hamburg, Germany

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The stadium Hamburg is one of the soccer world cup stadiums 2006

The new world cup stadium Hamburg was opened in september 2000 with the match Germany : Greece. In the area of the Volkspark the old Volkspark stadium was broken down piece by piece since march 1988. The world cup stadium Hamburg was renewed at this place. The inhabitants of Hamburg are looking forward to the soccer world cup 2006 which takes place the second time in Germany. , The Hamburg stadium is the most northern of the world cup stadiums in Germany in a fascinating surrounding.
The most famous sight is the Hamburg Elbe harbour about 100 km away from the sea, but although accesible for even the large container ships from all over the world.The world cup stadium Hamburg has 51,055 seats and the costs of the building were 97 million Euros.

World cup stadium Hamburg
Sylvester Allee 7
22525 Hamburg
Telefon: (+49) 40 / 4155-01
Telefax: (+49) 40 / 4155-1060

About 40,000 spectators can watch every of the five soccer world cup 2006 matches.
Ticket orders are separated in four selling periods:

  1. 1.February 2005 to 31.March 2005
  2. 1.December 2005 to 15.January 2006
  3. 1.February 2006 to 15.April 2006
  4. 1.May 2006 to 9.July 2006

Ticket orders are possible at or by post :
Address:2006 FIFAWord Cup ™Ticketing Center
60583 Frankfurt am Main

Match schedule world cup stadium Hamburg

10.June 2006
Match group C
15.June 2006
Match group A
19.June 2006

Match group H

22.June 2006
Match group E
30.June 2006
Quarter final

Ticket pricelist

Group matches
Quarter final
Cathegorie 1
100 €
180 €
Cathegorie 2
60 €
110 €
Cathegorie 3
45 €
85 €
Cathegorie 4
35 €
55 €

Every soccer fan will be ready to watch five exciting matches of the soccer wold cup 2006 in the world cup stadium Hamburg.

Here you can find the stadium map






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