The world cup 2006 stadium in Leipzig

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The Zentralstadium Leipzig is one of the soccer world cup stadiums

The building of the first stadium in Leipzig was finished in 1956 after only fifteen months of work. It was known all over the world as “The stadium of the hundredthousand”, because it was the first stadium for 100,000 spectators. In 1997 the government of Leipzig decided to build a new stadium within the walls of the old one, especially with regard to the soccer world cup in Germany 2006. Now the new stadium has about 44,000 seats for the audience, totally roofed with a spectacular construction.
The city of Leipzig is proud to be one of twelve hosts for the soccer world cup 2006. Five matches will take place on the soccer field of the new world cup stadium Leipzig. For each match 40,600 tickets will be available.

Zentralstadion Leipzig
Am Sportforum
04105 Leipzig

For all matches in the twelve citys tickets can only be ordered in advance the following way:
Postal at 2006 FIFAWord Cup ™ Ticketing Center
60583 Frankfurt am Main
Or per email via www

Ticketing periods:

  1. 1.February 2005 to 31.March 2005
  2. 2.May 2005 to 15.November 2005
  3. 1.December 2005 to 15.January 2006
  4. 1.February 2006 to 15.April 2006
  5. 1.May 2006 to 9.July 2006

Match schedule world cup stadium Leipzig

11.June 2006

Match group C
14.June 2006
Match group H
18.June 2006

Match group G

21.June 2006
Match group D
24.June 2006
Round of sixteen

Ticket pricelist

Group Matches
Quarter final
Cathegorie 1
100 €
120 €
Cathegorie 2
60 €
75 €
Cathegorie 3
45 €
60 €
Cathegorie 4
35 €
45 €

Leipzig was an important city for trade and fairs since the 12 th century. Now it’s a modern city with fascinating sights and monuments. All the soccer fans who come to see the matches in the world cup stadium Leipzig should take the advise and have a look at the wonderful city of Leipzig.







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